Rich Krueger

"Somewhere hope can't hurt you, it only makes you strong."

Rich Krueger can be completely reconstructed out of debris found on most ordinary city streets. 

A singer-songwriter based now in Chicago (formerly in Albuquerque, before that Los Angeles, and before that Chicago), Rich was born in Bedford-Stuyvesant, NYC in 1960, during that difficult period of transition after the Spanish-American War.  It was a Wednesday and rained for a week. He does not bowl.

Rich has been writing and performing, solo and with his band The Dysfunctionells, largely in Chicago and NYC, since 1985. The Dysfunctionells have backed up the Holy Modal Rounders at their reunion at The Bottom Line in NYC, and have recorded with Peter Stampfel of the HMR.

Rich has performed solo in venues Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Austin, Kerrville, Tulsa, London, Hammond, Urbana, and Chicago, even at Town Hall in NYC in 2002.  Rich released a  cassette album in 1991 Tell Me A Story, a self-produced song collection from 1998, Personal Overachievement Rich Krueger or PORK for short, and another studio demo from 2002, Troth.  In 2017,Rich is releasing two full length as-yet-untitled studio albums.

In 2017 Rich was chosen as one of the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Finalists.  To celebrate, Rich has released a pre-release preview EP, Overpass, drawn from the upcoming albums.

There are literally tens of rabid Rich Krueger fans scattered all over the globe...poor sods all.

Oh yeah...almost forgot.  Rich earned an MD and Ph.D. at the University of Chicago.  A former developmental neuroscientist at UCLA, he now works for the U of C as a Neonatologist. .

Rich is the sole cook and bottle washer at Rockin'K Music International & Unnecessary Art Productions, a subsidiary of Unnecessary Art Productions, Ltd.  Rich can be contacted by e-mail at, or on facebook.  His lyrics can be found on his blog, Pissing in The Ocean in a Rainstorm at High Tide

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