Some work of Rockin'K Music

Some work of Unnecessary Art Productions

Little Richard's World of Mirth (Video)

Pissing in the Ocean In A Rainstorm At High Tide (Blog)

An Impossible Cuckold's Penrose Tribar (A Book Of Commonplace)

Folks Say California's A Garden Of Eden (Ahbez' Nature Boys)

Charlie Holley And The Cripples - A HIPPA Violation

Curriculum Vitae

Fantastic artists you should know about:

     Jenny Bienemann 

     Robin Bienemann

     Ross Berman

     Wink Burcham

     Andrew Calhoun

     The Dysfunctionells

     Robbie Fulks

     Chris Farrell

     John Fullbright

     Paul Kotheimer

     Joe Shields

     Vernon Tonges

     Jared Tyler

     Winona Wilde (aka Noosa Al-Sarraj)

Fantastic Instruments, Supplies, Repairs, and People if you are in Tulsa

Tulsa Strings Violin Shop

Guitars by Seth Lee Jones

BobDog Studios - A Great Studio in Chicagoland



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