A Stoopid Broken Heart

by Rich Krueger

Released 11/20/2017
Rockink Music
Released 11/20/2017
Rockink Music
Fiddle and pedal steel driven upbeat Americana through and through. A bar song written at a bar about falling for a girl bar singer, and why that’s a stoopid thing to do.
Hey here's a brand new review of my upcoming album from 11/10/17 from Midwest Record Blog
"RICH KRUEGER/Life Ain't That Long: Hits are easy. Being admired by Holy Modal Rounders is another story. Chicago secret weapon Krueger loves life in the left field of back porch music and delivers a set that does make the Rounders proud. While his musicianship is polished and his lyrics make you go ‘huh?', this cat is a strange folkie for today's strange times and drugs. The perfect antidote to anything that sucks (as long as you aren't happy to be sucking it), this is a wonderful clarion call to the real disaffected that want to know there's someone else out there that sees things the same way. Where's the Earl of Old Town when you need it? Smoking."

A STOOPID BROKEN HEART is track one on "Life Aint That Long"

Written by Rich Krueger at the Bar at The Gallery Caberet in Bucktown (Chicago). For JJ.

rich krueger - acoustic guitars, vocals
vence edmonds – drums
jay o’rourke – bass, telecaster
seth lee jones - slide guitar
brian wilkie – pedal steel
scott daniel - fiddle

Recorded by Bill Kavanagh at BobDog Studio in Oak Park IL
Seth Lee Jones recorded in Tulsa OK by Dylan Layton
Produced by Rich Krueger, with considerable production assistance by Paul Kotheimer, Bill Kavanagh, and Jay O'Rourke
Final mix / Bass & Telecaster recording by Jay O'Rourke with engineering assistance from
Thomas Thornhill at Jay's Garage & Overdub Emporium, Chicago, IL
Mastered by the brilliant Dave McNair
Original photo of Cat Radick by David Sameshima

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